Just Adele

Her voice breaks the silence with a distinct tremble Rolling In The Deep, building and building before releasing and declaring the arrival of a goddess with a revenge ode accompanied by retro-flavoured backing.

Then a deep base proclaims “she ain’t real, she ain’t going to love you the why I do”… because “Rumour Has It” this girl is Amy Winehouse but with an extra octave-on-high. It’s cut in half by a bassy plea that “just cos I said it, don’t mean that I meant it”…. before base and rumours start flying again. It’s final proclamation of-course: “Rumour Has It He’s The One I’m Leaving You For”.

The piano introduces her voice after a small pause, in a classic “moving-on” piece bridged by a crescendo staccato stanza which is truly sublime: “Next time I’ll be braver; be my own Saviour”… as she “says goodbye to Turning Tables.”
“When will I see you again… You left with no goodbye, not a single word was said”… sets off a country ballad before fading into the collapsingly sensitive “I know I have a fickle heart and bitterness….” … and pleading, “Don’t You Remember?”
The vibrato twang that she Sets Fire to the Rain with is pure rock ballad and tender yet upliftingly defiant. This is sure to be an upcoming single and possibly is the best expose’ of her sensitive tone and deft pitch.
Emotionally spent you are cushioned by pillows of bass for the trademark high that transcends time with He Wont Go. “If this ain’t love then what is?”, she asks, before she’s “willing to take the risk”.
Adele begs that you “don’t look back on this crumbling fool” but rather “just take it all with my love”. And then punches high’s that sit among the best in contemporary jazz, rock, country and soul.
A formidable 60’s pop-rock sound seamlessly fused into a contemporary jazzy song, “I’ll be Waiting” has as many genres within it as the entire album.
Grab the Kleenex as One and Only starts. This track tears me up right from the beginning. “You’ll never know if you never try to forgive yourself” is a contemporary country-rock love song and acts as prelude to the poignant cover of the timeless The Cure’s Lovesong.
Ending sentimentally with Someone Like You, Adele turns up un-invited surprising the listener with goosebumps. The tone and pitch of “Don’t forget me, I beg; I remember you said” is spine-tingling gritty and raw.
So too, the entire album.

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