Two Down

With a second EU nation’s leader gone this week, the historic waterway of the Meditteranean appears to be a line of symmetry, albeit with a time-lag to its north compared to its south. Leaders are being skittled off into all directions, and the question remains: who will fill the places? As Jim Puplava said… “Will we get someone like Winston Churchill or someone like Adolf Hitler?”

“Mafioso” and “thief” shout the Italians, to the man who was voted-in, probably by these same people, for over two decades; as if it’s his fault the nation is on the brink of collapse. Italy is on the brink of collapse, because it is on the brink of collapse; and it’s no good blaming one individual, albeit the prime individual of the country. As a politician Berlusconi perhaps merely reflected broader society. And fail it must.


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