Light, Day and Night

The eight-day long Jewish festival begins December 21, the central feature of the observance of Chanukah is the nightly lighting of the Chanukiah.

The word solstice is derived from the Latin sol, or “Sun,” and stitium, or “stoppage.” After the winter solstice on December 22, the darkest day of the year, the days will start getting a little longer!

December 25 or Christmas Day is a Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. As Christianity began to spread in the 4th century, the Christmas feast day was set on December 25 by Pope Julius I to align with the Roman pagan holiday Dies natalis solis invicti, “the birth of the invincible Sun.”

The some 8,000 plus year-old Jewish custom, the winter solstice, the pagan “birth of the sun” and the Christian birth of the Son are related cum identical human celebrations.


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