Kevin 07

Julia Gillard was chosen by the party to replace Kevin Rudd. Mr Rudd, for his part, seems to have taken it upon himself to try to displace Julia which, from outside looking in, looks an ill-advised manoeuvre of poor timing. It shows a lack of judgement and nouse on his part.

Not only should he lose tomorrow’s caucus ballot, but he should resign from parliament altogether.

He is driven by ego and self-interest now. He was an excellent socialist prime minister for 12 months, and then what? Disappointed, mostly with himself, he wants a second and vindictive bite at the cherry now. Bitterness arises from self-humiliation for a poor performance — so that Julia, the party, and the country have to pay?

And the PM forgave Anthony Albanese’s betrayal of her — for clearly he knows not what he is doing.

I cannot now find myself empathic to the ex-PM:


Stop whining.


That said, sure glad I’m not a politician.


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