The Black Man in Arnhem Land

It is a sad indictment all round I think. I do not know of a solution. The problem? The aboriginal situation in Australia. And it’s a severe problem.

Perhaps the beautiful and untouched civilisation — allegedly some 150,000 years old — the oldest linear surviving on earth, is exactly the problem.

Isolated on this great south island with no external contact, to European, or Asian, or even African man, this isolated people’s has not seen different ways and customs from different lands, living mostly nomadically (but within their confines) from one place to the next.

The nomad has not the ability to settle his land, agriculture and animal herding are just not possible or just not on his radar. Settling itself may yet be found to interfere with the sensitive ecological balance, but only Black man hitherto aware of this? And having no external contacts sealed their fate.

And why then did not the Australian Aborigine take to the water and discover new lands? Did they not yearn for what may be beyond the horizon. Where they content to not go beyond wading the littoral land. Why were they different, clearly different from White man, in that way?

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