An Australian in Ecuador in London

Open disclosure, transparency, open communication are all important concepts in a free society. However, everything is relative, and it is clear that some things need to be kept secret, including by governments in order to support national security amongst other reasons.

Hence my problem with Wikileaks and its journalist founder Julian Assange.

Regardless, there are clearly questions that Mr Assange has to answer in Sweden.

Clearly, Ecuador is wrong in offering him asylum, in my opinion.

However, even more wrong is Britain’s suggestion that they will arrest Mr Assange regardless of his new found asylum in Ecuador.

Of course under international convention and law, within the grounds of the Ecuadorian embassy is considered Ecuadorian sovereign territory — i.e. Mr Assange presently is in the nation of Ecuador.

Any violation of this by Britain is clearly violating Eucador’s national sovereignty — akin to an invasion.

I am not sure how Ecuador has come to offer Mr Assange asylum. I am more puzzled by Britain’s stance.

This is interesting…


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