As we march through the walk of our daily lives – our very own too oft indominable path of desolute destruction – each of us should realise just how frail we, and others, truly are.

One morning we wake to find the pet budgie, splayed-wings, belly swollen, its profile hard against the cage floor. So too, we awake one day, to find our relations in not too dissimilar a repose.

Of course the cycle of life includes death as the old makes way for the new. The pattern is familiar; it is enduring. The pattern is profound.

Different people call this pattern different things, though perhaps most call it – or at least call what gives its manifestation – God.

Others know it by a different name: Nature; Divine Energy; Eternal Force; Spirituality; Big Bang; and many others still. This is akin perhaps to how an atheistic scientist may explain the universe in terms of Netwon’s 3rd Law (of Thermodynamics).

I, however, am a Christian (albeit not a very good one) and prefer to call it God or indeed, Father. And granted I’d like that more people did likewise.

Nevertheless, whatever you or I name it, and despite nuances in meaning and rather less subtle differences in belief, this universal force or power or energy is far greater than you or I. So much so that it demands to be listened to. It demands obeisence.

It demands respect.


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