Did a man called Jesus the Christ really exist? Did he perform miracles? Was he persecuted for his words and deeds? Was he merely misunderstood? Is he the son of God? Is he an extension of astrotheology? Are you confused?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

Fear not and just believe I say. For what have you got to lose? And ye have much to gain.

But non-believers – they have much to lose in their analysing and re-analysis and argument.

For non-believers have never been accused of knowing too little.

Nay; rather they suffer from too little faith.

The distinction is in the mind-set. The distinction is critical. The distinction is real.

For the distinction creates a paradigm shift and alters the way one views the world.

And those that belittle and criticise and disparage Christianity, they themselves really suffer the very same complex of Satan.

The complex I speak of is that of self-pride. Pride is the complex of non-believers; it is the complex of the fallen.

A little faith goes a long way; by moving self-pride out of the equation.

It need not be complicated. It’s really very simple.

And that’s it….

And so be it.


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