Carbon Is But A Six-Letter Word

Are we sinking?

Well, it’s hard to know.

Empirical evidence to my eye suggests more ferocious climactic events than I can recall from my childhood and early adult years.

That may not be proof, and each side of the global warming argument claim to have proof. So where does that leave you and me?

My inclination is to answer that question with a further question: is not global warming consistent with apocalyptic end-time prophecy of natural disasters?

There is (at the very least) some evidence for global warming. And we all have a sense that we are living a somewhat ‘artificial’ existence within a natural environ. Add to that some good old fashioned apocalyptic fear and it’s a ‘no-brainier’ that we should consider global warming a “Clear and Present Danger” – a danger requiring immediate and somewhat drastic action.

The primary aim should be to utilise less energy per person; and the secondary aim can be to source energy by alternative means.

Clearly, Christians and non-Christians alike, as custodians of this home, it behooves us to be ever so mindful of how we manipulate its ecosystem as we continue our headlong charge in dominion.


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