King of the North

The true king of the north (KON) is God; and the counterfeit KON is the arch enemy as he attempts to place his throne in God’s temple.

The end-times is a spiritual war – a battle for the minds. Who will you worship?

Be firm in faith for God and turn your back on lukewarm piety and petty concerns. Hold strong in Jesus. For the war is just beginning.

And once the KONs religious system overcomes the king of the south’s (KOS) secular humanism, the KON will be head spokesperson for the anti-type New World Order (Mystery Babylon) in a manner fitting of the typical/literal Babylon of old, but this time in a spiritual sense only – a quasi-religious, political and economic usurper who will come in peace and charm but will break the covenant and make the abomination that is desolate.

At which point will begin The Great Tribulation against the people of Israel and then the world, culminating in the Battle near Armegiddo (Armageddon) before the triumphant return of a vengeful Lord Jesus in regaining his throne.

Praise be to Yeshua our Lord!

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