Who has changed the minute and the hour – the very calendar, the Times and the Days.

What ever happened to the Biblical Lunar calendar? Why the change to a Solar calendar? Why all the fuss to do that?

What of the days and times? What happened to the Sabbath being Saturday? When did we change? Why did we change? Nay, WHO made the change!?

What is this Daylight Savings monstrosity? And by whose decree? It’s preposterous. For it changes the starting of the Sabbath, which occurs from sunset to sunrise; the timing of which is altered with alteration of the times.

The sun, moon and stars are as signs according to The Lord. A celestial timepiece. Not one second is lost or gained. But how can it be when the hour shifts forward or back at man’s behest.

Who has the authority to fiddle with nature? And by what account?! The seal has not been broken and the scroll therefore not opened and the secrets yet to be revealed by our Lord.

But as we near the End of Time it will be revealed to he who hath wisdom. And the time draws nigh.

Look to our Sotir with anticipation and the flock stay strong to His Word.

It’s not complicated.

Oh ye hearken. Jesus is the Way.


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