When Did God Move House?

Today we see all manner of things said, done, acted on, sung, praised, wished for and rebuked in the name of Jesus. But are all these things Christianity? Are they really what the Bible says and what Jesus both spoke and showed?

Praising God in all manner of song – rock, country, even God forbid heavy rock and so called ‘metal’ (noise) music – is tantamount to blasphemy.

Inordinately wealthy evangelists purporting to multiple signs of wonder and ‘miracles’; dressed in odd, eccentric or just trendy clothing and looking (or trying to look) cool is glib.

Yelling and screaming and spontaneously breaking into apparent ‘talking in tongues’, all seem to have replaced traditional sermons. Meanwhile, overtly zealous promises of ‘anointing’ for ‘sowing a seed’ was formerly known as, well, simply donating.

And there’s the well-read, well-versed scholars who know the Word but are [spiritually] dead.

Talk of the supernatural seems to also make some lean toward the occult with attempts to incorporate the New Age Spiritualisms under the guise of Christianity.

Singing gospel songs, being extraordinarily wealthy, sowing seeds and being well dressed are not necessarily bad or wrong. But it’s the context and the manner in which these things are revealed.

All too often, an element of flamboyance, drifting from the ‘straight and narrow’, self-righteousness and assumption, over-sentimentality, persistently reducing the Messiah as either a babbling baby or a perpetual corpse, or just plain base humour or inappropriateness is the oft not-too-subtle undertones of the message.

In stark contrast, Jesus’ message was remarkably straight and simple, gentle yet firm. It was thematically accurate and emotionally sincere. It was real.

There is only one God and Yeshua is the incarnate son of God who died for (all of) our sins with a message of basic love, faith and hope — but “above all love” — to conquer sin and death.

Since when is God ‘trendy’, persistently comical or humorous, loud and obnoxious, a pathetic corpse, or wanting to be praised to a rock and roll tune? When did God move house – when did he leave Jerusalem for Hollywood?

It’s not complicated.


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