Don’t be marked

The Beast of Antichrist’s mark will be in the right hand or forehead of a person.

This religio-political system will require a world-wide universal identification system that will be linked to a conglomerate financial system.

You won’t be able to buy or sell without it. Without what? Without the mark.

Some have postulated that injectable microchips, similar to that used in veterinary circles, will be the mode of surveillance and control – the mark.

Is it not possible that a version of smart-phone requiring biometric access to confirm identity could provide for all the elements of the mark – identification details, financial use, in the hand or the forehead?

Who knows?

Maybe it’s more subtle still. Maybe it’s about subliminal mind control and the worship of false idols.

Today man worships money, sexual icons, people, experiences, sensations, themselves… everything but God.

Perhaps that alone is the mark of someone who worships the beast – worship of the material and experiential rather than the Word of God.

Maybe we should all just live a simple, unembellished life, follow our Messiah and read the scriptures.

In Jesus’ name.

Featured Image

Hand Scanner [The 666 Surveillance System Blog]

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