Mystery Babylon

In the Garden of Eden, possibly an allusion to ancient Jerusalem, lived the first man created, Adam.

God blew the breath of life into him and so body (clay) and breath (spirit) begat a living individual – a soul, a human.

From Adam’s rib God created woman, Eve.

It didn’t take too long for a newly evicted and fallen hero, Satan, the serpent, to come up against God’s creation.

And the dragon has been doing it ever since.

From the original sin of Adam and Eve, to the homicide by Cain, to the antediluvian apostasy – a brief ‘shower’ to cleanse the world of disobedience and malevolence – only to be followed by Ham’s indiscretion with respect to his father Noah and the cursing of Ham’s youngest, Canaan.

Unable to bear life amongst the righteous, Canaan’s stock moved east and founded the plain of Sharon.

But rather than going forth (spreading out) to divide, the Canaanites conglomerated into the first metropolis – the first city, Babylonia, had been created.

And rather than spreading out they spread up; and built themselves a tower and began licentiousness and sexual perversions.

Babylon was rotten from the outset. It was founded by a rotten core – a band of deviants; who by now were so many in number and so ignominious in pursuit, that The Lord intervened causing mass confusion by appropriating Babylon’s inhabitants with multiple different tongues.

Indeed, the Tower of Babel came to symbolise such confusion.

This act of God averted the destruction of the world — or at least delayed it by 4000 years.

Some 2000 years after the world’s first city, another city was being born.

Equally depraved, this city was founded by twin brothers who where, as the story goes, suckled by a she wolf and then raised by a harlot.

Just as Cain killed his brother Abel, so too sleighed Romulus his brother Remus. With a bastardly group of murderous thieves, Romulus founded the city of Rome; the city destined to follow in Babylon’s footsteps.

After the crucifixion of our Messiah Jesus Christ, his brother and the apostles, emboldened by the resurrection, preached the Word that marked the very beginning of the church, referred to as the bride of Christ, that we know as Christianity.

But again, the serpent was nearby; always at God’s heels! And the very earliest church was infiltrated by the likes of Simon “Magus” the Sorcerer and others of eastern spiritualism (notably Zoroastrianism and Persian Mithraism).

And the history of the church is one of persecution – and as much from within as without.

As the Roman Empire moved eastward to Byzantium, the western part of the empire was left (apparently officially by Emperor Constantine though the document was later proved to be a forgery no less) to the local Bishop of Rome’s discretion.

The Bishop of Rome gave himself a new title, Pope, and from there began a 1000 year reign of unparalleled corruption, criminality, cruelty, debauchery, terror and warfare, and moral depravity known biblically as the Apostasy but secularised as the “Dark Ages”. The Fourth Beast of Revelation.

As the veil was slowly lifted from Medieval Europe, the Enlightenment blossomed out of the French Tevolution which saw one of Napolean’s Generals marched into Rome taking the Pope captive and effectively ending this 1000 year reign.

The Papacy had received a mortal wound. But in an amazing revival and with some pressure on the then king, the Papacy arose, and blackmailing the king of England, bought the Crown Jewels of which it owns to this day.

The sovereign head of the United Kingdom is the Roman Catholic Pope, to which the queen is a subject!

Having reestablished itself as a power, it continued to grow, especially behind the scenes. To this end it was aided and hand it’s hand in many revolutions, secret societies, nobles and politicians, from the Russian Revolution to the fall of communism, from the apostasy of the Jesuit-backed Illuminati and Freemasonry against the backdrop of an otherwise pious New World.

Now, having been overrun by these not-so-secret societies, the US has the infamy of being the likely Image of the Beast of Revelation.

Babylon and Rome. “Come out of her my people”!

In Jesus’ name

Featured Image: Relief of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar

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