Ready or Not?

St. Malachi, a medieval Irish priest, allegedly made a famous prophecy regarding the Popes.

If Saint Malachi was right, could it be that this, the 112th Pope, fits the definition for the False Prophet of the Bible.

The false prophet is one (the religious) member of a duo – the other, identified by the Bible as the political member, or the Antichrist.

Between the two of them, according to the Bible, they will usher in the New World Order.

How long will the current Pope reign? Five, ten,… 20 years?

By a matter of course then, the antichrist shall declare themselves (and the tribulation begun) within the next decade or so.

The good news is that 7 years after that, Jesus Christ returns.

Hallelujah to the Lamb of God.

Only this time the Lamb of God is coming as the Lion of Judah.

Are you ready?


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