Believers Are Hot!

One person says: “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, and another: “It’s the little things that make a difference”. Do what feels right or do what is right? Be nice and kind, or,  you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.

Well which is it?

Life can be so confusing and full of inherent contradictions; endless paradox. But perhaps these seeming inconsistencies and counter-intuitive explanations are indeed telling us something profound. That not all is at it seems.

This was a key theme in Jesus’ ministry. That not all is as it seems. The seemingly pious in church may in-fact be the greatest sinner; and vice versa.

But this apparent contradiction may be a hint of sorts; a clue that another dimension – the spiritual domain – does exist. Indeed Cosmology and Metaphysics have and do consider the concept of multiple dimensions, beyond the four of which we are intimately aware.

That beyond 3D and Time lie further dimensions, perhaps many. This hypothesis is not refuted (rather, it is perhaps supported) by Quantum Theory. Who needs the magician when we have such an amazing existential experience of both natural and supernatural; of the minute and the cosmic; the superfluous and the deep?

This is more than just Yin-Yang, Black-White, Dark-Light; although it is all these things. But just as quantum particles have a direction or spin, the direction we “spin” is critical to our make-up and defines our philosophy. God is thesis and Satan antithesis. So a synthesis of the two – a middle-ground as it were – is not an appropriate position for a Christian to take.

Indeed, the luke-warm water is the one Jesus spits out. There is no room for the tepid.

Ultimately, there will be no room for the cool also.

When you’re hot, you’re hot.

And when you’re not… then you are nothing.


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