The West leaves a Void in Syria

President Obama’s backing down on the Syrian “red line” has weakened him and emboldened not only Assad, but their recently outspoken allies Russia, Iran, and China. Add to this the UK — indeed it has been openly ridiculed by the Russians — and we have, the appearance of an impotent West.

Enter, stage East: President Putin, Iran, and the Roman Catholic Church!

In the guise of Christianity, rushing to help fill this void left by the West is the Roman Catholic church, led by Cardinal (call no man father) Bergoglio. Watch for the Vatican to now go a-whoring with the East.

This situation has left Israel feeling increasingly vulnerable, and isolated. There has been the suggestion for some time, but it is now clear, that we have the pre-text for a third global conflict.

When will the cavalcade arrive? Tuesday, 15th April 2014, of course.

The cavalcade is coming to town. Blood moon and all.

[Ed: One wonders just how much of a void the West plans to leave in Syria specifically and the entire Middle East more broadly, as they pivot to Asia?  They are certainly trying to reduce their exposure, but leaving entirely? Highly unlikely.]


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Down the Rabbit Hole – flickr


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