Has the Rapture of the Church already begun?

The bible says God will seal his people in their forehead.

When someone acknowledges their sins and repents before The Lord, to be baptised (washed by the water of His Word) and born-again, there comes a point in time of that individual, an instant — perhaps after repentance and completion of their cleansing — when God seals them in their forehead and they are mentally fixed and unswayable from the ways of The Lord, so that they instantaneously and outwardly confess Yeshuah as Lord, and at once are permanently connected in a spiritual “rapture” with our Lord – one that serves to guide them a safe distant from the actual physical tribulation of the world – a metaphorical mental-spiritual “forcefield” to shield from the sorrows of the End Times.

Is this phenomenon then a “spiritual” rapture at a time of physical exultation to the Lord for those saved?

If so, has the Rapture of the Church (the “Body” of Christ) already begun?

And if so does it then come to each person individually and thereby at different times rather than a single event that captures the whole church at once?

Does not the bible say that the Antichrist would be a convincing counterfeit as to deceive the very elect, if that were possible.

The Antichrist is thus thoroughly convincing, but for the Seal of God in the elect which holds their gaze firmly fixed on The Lord – locked-in (to the truth) like an Exocet missile.

Perhaps the Rapture is none other than the moment in time then when the church receives the Seal of God – with their mind’s eye fixed on God through Yeshua.


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