A Solar Polar Reversal

Hear me out.

You are suddenly hit by aches all over your body – I mean the type of muscle aches that you associate with the flu. Out of the blue, no warning at all. There are no other flu-like symptoms to go with it – no runny nose, no sore throat, no cough. A slight headache is the only real accompaniment. Later that night the headaches and body aches get worse and you do have some chills; but all relatively mild compared to the myalgia. You are prostrate – literally bed-bound, for two days. And on the third morning you awake more-or-less fine once more.

But I have you an explanation!

Call me strange, call me melodramatic (just don’t call me a clown), but the answer is… (drum roll) … the sun.

Yep, the sun.

This mega (you could line up 109 Earths across the face of the sun, indeed, 1.3 million Earths could fit inside the sun, and weighing as much as 333,000 earths) ball of hot plasma and magnetic fields decided to completely flip its poles over the last two days, finally ending a traumatic few months of vague uneasiness that culminated in your dramatic myalgia and you flipping your mind.

Yes, the sun (more precisely it flipping its polarity – a solar polar reversal), caused your myalgia and prostration.

But the sun is but an average star in the grand scheme of things (galaxy etc.) and what’s more 150 million kilometres from earth, you say?
Take this in and let it register – the solar system is the sun with some debris, leading astronomers say.
And look at this image of a solar flare.
Corona mass ejection (CME), associated with a solar flare - May 1, 2013
Corona mass ejection (CME), associated with a solar flare – May 1, 2013
And now juxtaposing a to-scale image of earth
Picture of solar flare with size of earth shown for comparison
Picture of solar flare with size of earth shown for comparison
This just shows the behemoth that is the sun, within our solar system.
Imagine then the impact of a complete flip of the sun’s magnetic field? Imagine the impact of a solar-polar reversal (SPR)?
That just happened according to NASA, as the sun’s north and south poles switched places:
At the height of each magnetic flip, the sun goes through periods of more solar activity, during which there are more sunspots, and more eruptive events such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

As reported in The Conversation, this can provoke space weather events such as geomagnetic storms that may have implications for satellites and other technologies, such as radio blackouts.

Earth's magnetic field (blue) shields the planet from the solar wind
Earth’s magnetic field (blue) shields the planet from the solar wind

And while the earth’s magnetic field does shield us from these perturbations of the sun’s, clearly an impact is made and reverberates around the planet and entire solar system.

Back in December 6, 2013 NASA wrote:

Something big is about to happen on the sun.  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip.

And the solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University added:

The poles are a herald of change. Just as Earth scientists watch our planet’s polar regions for signs of climate change, solar physicists do the same thing
for the sun. Tracking the sun’s polar magnetism since 1976, they have recorded three grand reversals.

It looks like we’re no more than three to four months away from a complete field reversal. This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.

Something big alright.
What caused your myalgia and prostration? An SPR.

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