Today’s Islam in WordPress

Around the World with Islam, in six blogs:







And that’s just today’s posts.

Apart from the (clearly) disturbing themes in these write-ups, the number of blogs dedicated to this Islamic “threat”, rightly or wrongly, appears growing exponentially. That fact alone begs many questions:

  • Is Islam as bad as these blogs make out?
  • Is this Western propaganda or merely that more people with a Western ideology have access and the means to blog?
  • Are Muslims just another oppressed peoples of the world but a group less likely to tolerate insubordination and more likely to threaten (and act out) violence?
  • Can Islam coexist as the non-dominant politico-religious system in any given state; and for any length of time?
  • Is Christianity and Islam on an inevitable collision course or can Christianity ’embrace’ Islam (after all, the Pope says that “all religions are one”)?
  • Are all religions one?
  • What is the role of Roman Catholicism, if any, in all of this — not just in Christianity, but also Islam?
  • Is there really a New World Order coming and are these current perturbations the start of the final ‘push’ of such an order and system of things?
  • Indeed, is Islam on a collision course with the world, with Christianity, perhaps, the only major obstacle to it; or is Islam just misunderstood by a backslidden world of heathen infidels?

These questions need to be explored by each person individually, rationally and judiciously. It behoves us all to find out. It demands of us all to search within ourselves. It requires reading relevant scripture(s) and also keeping abreast of current events. Most of all it requires us to approach the matter carefully and with a clean slate before God.

Certainly, we live in interesting times.

End Times?


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