How do you feel?

It’s the journalist’s stock question. But isn’t it time for the media to give the poor relations of those aboard the fateful MH370 flight, almost 3 weeks ago now, the space to grieve?

I’m sure they haven’t been inclined to watch TV, or surf the NET… but the poor buggers. Everywhere they look and everywhere they turn – not a moments peace. And all they want is peace. Yes they want answers. But what they really want is peace. (And what they really need is support.)

Stop reporting and re-reporting speculation, possible scenario, and cute theory with incongruent gusto and fervour. Don’t show any more image overlays of “dotted-lines” and “southern corridors”. Stop showing runs of distraught and collapsing relations. Stop asking relations how they feel! (They feel like pulverising your microphone and smashing your camera. That’s how how they feel.)

Would you like a camera thrust in your face while asked how it is you feel that the plane your loved ones were on went down — so chillingly, so indiscriminately — in the middle of the unfathomable ocean?

It’s called bereavement — they are grieving. Let them grieve.


Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted…


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