I Read the Comments

Here are a selection from those responding at Zero-Hedge (alternative financial and political news site with almost apocalyptic overtones) to a post :

Israel Cabinet Unanimously Rejects John Kerry’s Gaza Truce Proposal

  • The Palestinians were not going go for a cease fire under the U.S. terms…  this is just spin to make it appear as if Nuttyahoo is playing tough…
  • The Israelis like killing Palestinians.
  • Only Kerry and the Obama Administration as a whole could fail to influence the actions of a nation into which it POURS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
  • Can’t get even one person to support it? Maybe Obama can issue an Executive Order.
  • Perhaps he should’ve signed to [the] proposal “John Cohn?”
  • You can lead a horse to the table but in the end it may be all for neigh.
  • Everyone has to have a hobby, eh comrade?
  • In 1947, according to the UN, the population of all the land in the protectorate was approx.: 1.2 million Arabs; 0.6 million Jews; 0.12 million Christians.
  • Because the Syrians, Jordanians, and Lebanese sure as hell don’t want them either.
  • The 3B in “aid” is more like a discount coupon to buy arms from U.S. companies…
  • Obama and his peace prize don’t cut it in times of war. Hildabeast?  Lurch?  You’re twisting my melon, man.
  • Why the long face John?
  • Correct. A ceasefire only prolongs the conflict and results in the deaths of more innocents.
  • The testosterone level is still elevated and the prostate glands are full.   War continues until the testosterone level drops.

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