And his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.


The “pale” horse is translated from the Greek chloros — the sickly, yellow-green hue of disease. It is accompanied often by the so-called Hippocratic change produced in the face by impending death or long illness, malnourishment, and the like.

As David Pack (Restored Church of God) confirms:

Coming on the heels of the first three horsemen, the pale horseman’s arrival portends that more hundreds of millions will perish through terrifying disease epidemics. The reference to “Death”—the end result of disease—and “Hell”—hades, meaning the grave—make this clear.

Infographic: Just how deadly is Ebola?

Look at this: Plague, pestilence, and disease in the Last Days

And consider the following, selected stories (there are many others and will be many, many more):

MoH reports 2 MERS cases after lull

Doctors told to get ready for possible MERS onslaught after Hajj

Germany urges citizens to leave Ebola-hit nations

Remember SARS lessons during Ebola scare: Doc

Ebola, MERS and Bird Flu ‘a worry’

Airlines need to help curb spread of Ebola

Eleven scientists from biosafety panel FIRED as CDC reveals bird flu breach following anthrax debacle

Aid group sounds South Sudan cholera warning


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