Identify the agenda first and then, by all means, criticise

America has a labelling problem. This problem stems out of people’s frustration at what appears a lack of clear-cut policy direction, an inability to “read the tea leaves”, apparent imperial impotence, or general disenchantment with the nation’s trajectory — more zigzag than linear, and certainly not as expectantly  exponential.

Moreover, the disenchantment is with the domestic situation, in which  case still more important that imperial forces satisfy the whim of its public. Everyone is labelling the president “hopeless”, “useless”, “a failure”, “incompetent”, and on and on it goes.

But these labels are misnomers. They are errors that arise from misunderstanding (or not understanding at all) the president’s, particularly international, agenda. Beyond that, they are dangerous, because while they fail to recognise what is really going on, they continually derail the conversation, obscuring the view.

If we stop to read between the lines, research, and connect the dots, we will see the agenda. Once we see the agenda, and recognise its ‘MO’, everything becomes clearer.

And what is clear is that the president is successful — perhaps no president has been more successful at following through with a plan. But equally, in playing this global game of controlled chaos, no one has risked as much.

From the President’s viewpoint, so far so good. He is on track but there is still much to be done, and time is of the essence. That you and I don’t like the direction of this track is another matter. But it helps if we start labelling the president’s actions, and our reactions to them, honestly.  And to do that we need to know the agenda.

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