Take up your Cross and Take up your Arms?

A Police Officer has a risky job. But being oppressed is not a whole lot of fun either. Escalating violence create fear which create escalating tension creating more fear which create escalating violence. Thuggery is not limited to street thugs but comes in all guises, including uniformed. And it’s a vicious cycle. Is an armed public America’s great libertarian prerogative or her particle to a frightened absurdity? A frightened America becomes a frightening America. An armed nation begets a paranoid nation. And a paranoid nation is addicted to its arms — to the force, to the feeling of safety that they bring, and to the adrenaline-soaked fear they charge. Perhaps (legal) gun ownership should be limited to rural areas and away from the megacities where folk live on top of one another. Because the right to bear arms is a double-edged sword. The way man relates to his fellow man needs to change in a fundamental way, otherwise that right should become a privilege of the few. Of course that will not stop illegal ownership, but it may help assuage the all too frenzied street official’s “insurrection” upon the lay — a reverse form of insurrection that is too often informed only by its own fear. Meanwhile, the lay man would do well to be mindful that a police officer, no matter how calm the exterior, will always be “on edge”. But let us not live ever frightened of the officer but coexist in a state of mutual respect. Unfortunately, progressively less and less room is being made for such empathy. It’s the nature of the Beast.

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