Absolute Beginner Hebrew

A quaint and great starting place is this video:

Then, move on to this one:

Once done, go through as many letters as you can here (in this series):

And the following video is a good overall summary, by a non-native speaker:

Consider Biblical Hebrew, Home Study Edition (with Living Israeli Hebrew workbook included) by Danny Ben-Gigi , available at Amazon.

Shalom (Peace) [Wikimedia Commons]
Hebrew script is a consonant alphabet or Abjad — with independent letters for consonants and the vowels indicated (or implied) only using some of the consonant letters and/or with diacritics. Full vowel indication is reserved then for specific contexts, such as in religious books and for those learning Hebrew, in which case the script can be readily deciphered reading down then up — while moving, naturally, from right to left — to trace a sinusoidal (or zigzag, if you prefer) pattern.

Hebrew script is an Abjad

Disclaimer: Pilgrim Bobby has no affiliation with either the Rosenwasser Method, Medrash EtsHaim, Danny Ben-Gigi, Amazon, or HebrewPod101.


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