Days of Awe

The shouting is now over.

And these ten days, the days between Yom Teru’ah and Yom Kippur, are in exact parallel to the continuous 40 days (from the beginning of the sixth month) of fasting and prayer by Yahuwshuwa in the wilderness, and His tempting by the devil.

First, get right with your fellow man. Second, resist temptation these next few days leading up to The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). Third, fast and pray that you will be found on the side of the righteous.


Because the Book of Life is open and we are being judged over the next ten days. Then, on Yom Kippur, the Books will be closed for another year and judgement finalised (for that year).

Do you want a good year, a year of favour, before Elohym? Or will you see trial and tribulation? Our attitude and behaviour over the next 10 days not only assists with forgiveness of last years’ sins but also paves the way for the flavour of the coming year.

The choice is ours.


Praying Hands, Albrecht Dürer (1508) [Image as per User:Eloquence, Wikimedia Commons — Public Domain]

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