Pepe and Paul ‘Own’ April’s Wrap

Reports have surfaced of the impending implosion of the House of Saud. At least that is the context in which the kingdom’s hysteria is being interpreted by some. Mr Escobar, what’s more, highlights the evolving ‘domestic’ over CIA v NATO/Pentagon claims on Riyadh. (And who can blame him?)

Not to be outdone, the town crier has made the (big) call — someone had to. Pepe and Paul: and Paul (Mr Roberts) got there first. And given the pace of global machinations, just who can blame him?

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Goldberg portrays — and perhaps for the first time — a machinations-averse U.S. President. Or so it then seemed. But a week is such a long time in politics, especially in our time.

And so that was then … and this is now: so many targets … so little time.

And not before time. For Russia has undergone a quiet military revolution, judging by its show in Syria. What then is President Putin’s agenda, if not expansionist — for surely that is how it is portrayed in the West? And why a National Guard? … And why not a National Guard?

Rest assured, however, Michael Gallagher is addressing the conundrum du jour. Has he been speaking with Mrs Rousseff? She could certainly shed some light on the problem. The town crier, too, has called it as BRICS in America’s crosshairs. How about more troops in the Pacific? Would you like fries with that?

Meanwhile, President Erdogan is gradually being unveiled as the regional sleeper he long considered himself to be, standing knee-deep in the quick of the sand-storm between the Saudis and Iran. The president of this [nominally] NATO ally is, after all, the region’s Muslim Brotherhood champion.

The relationship — on the other hand — between the House of Saud [Wahhabi] and the Brotherhood is more complex: not altogether hostile (united in their fight against Shiite Islam, in Yemen, for instance); nor categorically aligned. And just across the way, sanctions now eased, arch-nem Iran dreams of a mega-canal to the Caspian.

But Middle East polity is such a multifaceted, multilayered beast — and in a state of perpetual flux. How to make head or tail of it? For that, we pivot to Shoebat:

One issue that is very crucial to understand is that while Turkey is Sunni, it’s brand of Islam is different from the Wahhabist which is vehemently anti-Shiite. Turkey has great reverence to Ali, Hassan and Hussein, the Shiite historic and religious martyrs and icons.

As it was, then, April delivered more than it’s share of showers. When not watching Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, or Egypt, … all eyes on Turkey.

For some say Erdogan fancies himself the new Sultan. And, who can blame them?


Featured Image: Turko-Persian Seljuk Empire, 1092 [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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