Skipping merrily past Cold War 2.0

Has World War III started?

No. Not by name in any event.

But the preliminary stoushes certainly have — playing out, as they are, by proxy.

What we are yet to see, apart from the isolated Turkish downing of a Russian plane a few months back, is any direct fighting between major powers. When that happens, everything changes.

But with tensions rising quickly, particularly about Syria, this may happen at any moment. No one can predict when, but it is not improbable for that to occur even before the year is out.

On October 15, 2016, the American military was taken to DEFCON 3 — i.e. the same as immediate post-9/11 level.

Though the threat of war seems to be rising, the DEFCON level indication reported by the website is only speculation. The US military do not share the actual DEFCON status  with the public for obvious security reasons.

  • The MSM is, for the first time, reporting of the risk of a third world war.
  • America says it will have the CIA launch an apparent “revenge” cyber-attack on Russia — US/NATO doctrine calls for cyber or military strike in retaliation to any cyber-attack.
  • America is talking again of establishing a “no-fly” zone in Syria (see below).
  • FAA has announced a “no-fly” zone over certain areas of Montana for a hitherto unannounced Space Operation on Saturday.
  • Third missile attack on US Warship in Yemen.
  • I.M.F. Issues “Stability Warning” Over Deutsche Bank.

As it might be put in military jargon, Iran is “fighting the whole theater.”

A request has been made to Congress to approve military strikes on Russian hardware in Syria. Furthermore, there is renewed talk of introducing a “no-fly” zone in Syria. A bit over a year ago, before Russia had entered Syria, a “no-fly” zone was certainly possible. To attempt to do that now—with the significant Russian presence in Syria (including S-300 and S-400 anti-air missiles)—would be, essentially, a declaration of war.


US Army chief Mark Milley fires terrifying threat to Russia over Syria and warns: ‘We’ll beat you anywhere, anytime’

Alex Jones may yet sound like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf”, but we know how that story ended: the boy was, ultimately, proven right.

No one can say just how quickly things will unfold. I expect that hostilities will boil over within a year, but direct conflict between the West and Russia could begin even before the end of this year.

Is this Cold War 2.0? If only? Cold War 2.0 is almost over as quickly as it started, as the preliminary machinations for a hot war have begun. Just know that the threat of war is now REAL. In fact, for all intents and purposes, we are already AT WAR. No drill. No hoax. No shill.

As the situation unfolds, what can we expect and in what order?

Armed with chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation and cross-referenced with the Olivet Discourse in the gospels (Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21), the timeline of events is layed out before us so that we can be prepared. Using the mid-tribulation sign (wonder in heaven) as our navigator, and assuming the events unfold and gain momentum with time, we can come up with a not-improbable timeline:

  1. People’s faith will wax cold (Apostasy) — [COMPLETE]
  2. Nations rising up against nations, and kingdoms against kingdoms — [IMMINENT]
  3. Earthquakes, famines, pestilence, fearful events — [STARTED/SOON]
  4. False prophets will arise (Apostasy) [ONGOING] and persecution of Christians [STARTED]
  5. Wars and Rumours (reports) of wars [STARTED]
  6. More famine and pestilence [STARTED/SOON]
  7. The spread of Jesus’ message (the Gospel) around the world [ONGOING]
  8. Antichrist — [~ SEPTEMBER 2017]
  9. World War III — [~ SEPTEMBER 2017]
  10. Inflation, shortages, rations, famine — [2018 – 2020]
  11. Widespread death, disease, plagues — [2019 – 2020]
  12. Armageddon
  • White Horse “rides out” (1), in a canter (4), and in full gallop (8).
  • Red Horse “rides out” (2), in a canter (5), and in full gallop (9).
  • Black Horse “rides out” (3), in a canter (6), and in full gallop (10)
  • Pale Horse “rides out” (3), in a canter (6), and in full gallop (11)


Amidst a backdrop of ongoing financial crisis, expect to see escalating loco-regional fighting — in fits and starts rather than a linear progression — building to full-scale global war by this time next year.

Heed the warnings that have been coming, from divergent quarters and under various guises, for some time now — and take some basic precautions and make some modest preparations. You need not be a full-blown ‘prepper’. You do need, however, to cut back on waste and have some bare essentials in store.

Stock up on the following items today, so as to get your prepper pantry ready for the next extended emergency:

  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Pasta sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Flour (white, whole wheat)
  • Seasonings (vanilla, salt, pepper, paprika, cinnamon, pepper, taco seasoning, etc.)
  • Sugar
  • Dried legumes
  • Honey
  • Whole grains (barley, bulgur, cornmeal, couscous, oats, quinoa, rice, wheat berries)
  • Non-fat dried milk
  • Plant-based oil (corn oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil)
  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Seeds for eating and sprouting
  • Instant potato flakes
  • Packaged meals (macaroni and cheese, hamburger helper, Ramen noodles, etc.)
  • Purified drinking water
  • Canned fruits, vegetables, meats, and soups

Another thing you might consider doing is downloading any information of importance to you that is freely available now on the internet, on the understanding that either the information or even access to the web will not be freely available in the near future — at least not as we know it.


Featured Image

A Prepper’s Pantry – flickr


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