A nobody; a person of no importance (masc.). An unspecified or inconsequential person.

  • quaedam (fem.)
  • quiddam (neut.)

[16th c. Latin: quī (pronoun) + -dam (demonstrative ending)]

Not to be confused with:

  • quidem = “indeed”
  • quondam = “former”, “once”, “at one time”

Quidam can be used as pronoun or adjective:

French law:

some, one; somebody. Latin word used to express an unknown person, or one who cannot be named. A quidam is usually described by the features of his face, the color of his hair, his height, his clothing, and the like in any process which may be issued against him.

We are not quidam. For we are made with a purpose in mind.

[Image: pinterest]

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