Forget Waldo. Where’s Gog?

Rosh is no more Russia than Meshech is Moscow. Moreover, it’s unlikely that Russia is Gog of Magog. And people need to start getting that.

Who, then, is Gog? And where is Magog?

Can you find Gog in a sea of people?

In Ezekiel 38, Gog is among “friends”: Rosh; Meshech; Tubal; and Togarmah.

Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, and Togarmah, and Magog are all references to parts or the totality of Turkey and up into the Caucasus. Gog of Magog is likely the leader of this region.

[Image from Britam]
That’s the shorter answer: Gog, the antichrist, will be a leader from Turkey.

Not so fast … gringo.

The longer answer is that Magog means “expanse of water” which, in biblical imagery, suggests many peoples and nations and tongues. If Gog is equated with the antichrist and the antichrist with the Beast, it seems that Gog will be the leader of a terrible totalitarian empire in these last days.

[As much as people may revile Turkey today, a terrible beast does not (at least yet) describe her. Now if Turkey somehow manages to unite all the post-Soviet bloc Turkic-speaking Sunni-Islamic “stans” of central Asia as well as the majority-Sunni Middle East, then we may reconsider. But even while it may then raise a significant army, its weaponry would still be no match for the West — were it that Turkey had finally decided to switch sides against NATO which, admittedly, she always seems never far from doing.]

We also know that the End Days’ Beast is an extension of the Roman Empire of old, except for one detail: that in the final days the empire will be an admixture of iron with clay — recall Nebuchadnezzar’s dream so beautifully revealed and interpreted by the Spirit of Elohim to Daniel: the legs of iron (Rome) give way to feet of iron mixed with a miry clay.

Recall that each of the empires of the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream had one thing in common: they exercised power and control over Israel. Who exercises power and control over Israel today, if not the Vatican (spiritual Rome) and the UN (Europe and the U.S. — i.e. political Rome)? And Gog, according to the Apocalypse, is leader of the greatest military power the world has ever seen. Who, then, is the greatest military power the world has ever seen? And who can make war with that Beast?

And the Spirit of Prophecy is that the West (more-or-less) is iron (modern-day “Rome”) and Islam is clay. Not happy bedfellows—iron and clay —but the antics of the antichrist says bedfellows they must be — for another time, times, and dividing of time. Cogs of iron need combustible oil to motivate them, viscous oil to lubricate them. Iron doesn’t so much want clay, as iron needs clay. Rather, iron needs what’s buried deep beneath the clay. With the east rising, the imperial West’s hegemonic dynasty is at risk. Empire on the rack and on the run is wont to take risk. And risk-taking, 21st century style … it’s not pretty.

Iron is Rome and Rome is the West (Europe and America) and, by extension, the United Nations — one-world government with the power to exert sway over the world, with NATO its standover man. And the United Nations will do just so, harangued and persuaded by the lawless one. The antichrist may even feel he’s doing the world a favour, in the name of globalism, winning them over by flattery. He (Gog) will lure the UN to coax NATO into taking control of the Middle East quagmire, and with him will be his Sunni Islamic mercenaries known as ISIS. The antichrist may have Islamic sympathies. He may even have an affinity for Israel. But ultimately he cares for neither, he is a secular humanist through and through. He only deifies the god of fortresses. Even money is not his first love, for his currency is power — raw steel.

For almost three years now, Gog has been ostentatiously (to those with eyes that see) aiding and abetting ISIS under the pretext of attacking them (to those with eyes that see not).

But news from the North (Russia) and the East (a huge Jewish diaspora, from the near east making Aliyah; or possibly China herself) will trouble him. But if that doesn’t trouble him enough, Mashiach will trouble him enough.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  • Aliyah is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the Land of Israel — Wikimedia
  • Remember, the Tribulation starts in September (2017). The tribulation is likely to involve open hostilities between the West combined with Sunni Islam on the one side and Russia and Shiite Islam on the other side, with Israel in the middle. Expect hostilities to be centred in the Middle East, but to spread from there as respective allies, one by one, join in and the culmination into a global conflict.
  • More than one person has postulated that Islamic State headquarters is either the US embasssy in Ankara or that in Baghdad.
  •  At this point, in the Book of Revelation rather than Table of Nations, is it not probable that Gog and Magog are used metaphorically for the archetypal enemies of God?
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