Don’t Mention the War

It may only be a war of words, but the real thing is not far off. American VP Pence has come to our shores to tell us how important and vital the relationship with Australia is. He brought his family with him and met With Australia’s PM, Malcolm Turnbull, today. They both spoke. VP Pence out-spoke PM Turnbull in style and substance. Not that it was a competition, but as a public figure you are always on display. I think the meeting, of such a high U.S. official, is of a serious nature. Behind the images of wives and children, the message from Trump’s second-in-charge will be akin to a war footing. This was a public display of unity and friendship and families, but behind the scenes there is serious business going on and not just about North Korea.

[Ed: That might sound like stating the obvious, but the whole family thing is a bit of a ruse. Tensions are genuinely building, on both sides of the divide. This is not mere rhetoric and bluff.]

Image: Official portrait of Vice President Mike Pence. [Wikimedia Commons]

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