Are we there yet?

The short answer is no. Not by a long shot.

Islamic State took Mosul, needless to say by force, in June 2014. Now, June 2017, they’re on the verge of relinquishing that pivotal gain and, for the first time since becoming a threat, we are realistically talking about their demise.¹’²

All that does not necessarily mean an end to the threat posed by ISIS.³ But it does signify a significant shift in ascendancy of the global will. It does mean the West is back in the scrap.

While the world is not a safe place, far from it, the world is in a slightly more balanced state. Granted, the future does not look good. But, for the first time in many years, we are able to look at the world with clear eyes — and realise the predicament we’re in. Even a year ago that was not the case.

A year ago we were still hurtling headlong into the abyss and, apart from an uneasiness that no-one seemed to be able to put their finger on, none the wiser.

Our eyes have been cleared enough to see how far it is that we have fallen. That’s because we, finally, have a leader who is prepared to call a spade a spade. We have been deluded for far too long. Stuporous from sweet-talk, our senses numbed.

Love him or hate him, for all his faults, it took President Trump 6 months to do what his predecessor seemed incapable of doing in 3 years.

On the contrary, ISIS grew under the previous president’s watch. People should reflect on that fact alone.


¹The Great Muslim Civil War — and Us, Charles Krauthammer – National Review, June 22, 2017

²ISIS Defeat in Mosul ‘Inevitable,’ Ground Forces Commander Says, Lisa Ferdinando – DoD News, Defense Media Activity, U.S. Department of Defense, June 14, 2017

³How ISIS Will End, Mark Juergensmeyer – The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Summer 2016

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U.S. Department of Defense


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