Hussite, Russian, & German Bibles

January 1, 1435

Hussite Bible (Hungarian)

Franciscan monks Tamás Pécsi and Bálint Újlaki complete the first Bible translation into Hungarian.

Károli Gáspár 1590-ben Vizsolyban kiadott Bibliájának címlapja
Vizsoly (Károli) was the first Bible to be printed in Hungarian [Wikimedia Commons]

January 1, 1517 — January 1, 1519

Russian Bible

Francysk Skaryna translates and publishes the Bible into Old Belarusian

410px-Biblia_Ruska_The Bible by Francysk Skaryna in Belarusian, 16th century
Russian Bible, 1517 [Wikimedia Commons]

January 1, 1522

German Bible

Martin Luther (1483-1546) is well known for his part in the protest against corruption in the Church. Even more important was Martin Luther’s work of translating the Scriptures for the German peoples (1522-34), which had a great influence on Europe. Luther resolved to put the Bible into natural and forceful German so that it would speak to the hearts of all. “My wish to God,” Luther said, ” is that this book were in every language, and in every home.” His Bible Translation work was so well done that his translation of the Bible would still be in use hundreds of years later.


Luther Bible, 1534 [Wikimedia Commons]




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