January 1, 862

Bulgarian, Serbian, and Russian translations follow on from the Slovakian.

The Baška tablet is an early example of the Glagolitic (Cyrillic) from Croatia [Wikimedia Commons]

The bishop of Constantinople sends two Greek brothers, Cyril and Methodus to Moravia, as “teachers of the truth.” Cyril has natural linguistic ability and develops an alphabet for the Slavic languages and translates Scriptures for the Slavic people. This great foundation of alphabet design and literacy laid by Cyril and Methodus leads in the following years to the Scriptures also being produced in Bulgarian, Serbian, and Russian. A number of Eastern European languages, including Russian, still use alphabets based on the Cyrillic alphabet (named after Cyril). The great foundation laid by Cyril and Methodus in alphabet design and literacy would lead to widespread Bible translation and open the way for the Scriptures to have much influence and for the Church to grow through the nations of Eastern Europe. There would be great success in the late 10th century AD. Russia would “Christian” under Czar (King) Vladmir I in 988 AD. Christianity catches on and spreads through Russia. The Czar becomes the symbolic head of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Kralice Bible [Image: Moravian Museum]
This version has undergone multiple dialectic iterations, with various manuscripts from the 10th century. Other translations were based on the Vulgate or the Septuagint. In 1751, an entirely Greek-based bible was completed for Peter the Great. This version, more or less, became the official bible of the Russian (Orthodox) Church.

A critical predecessor to Luther and Protestantism, Jan Hus (c. 1372 – 6 July 1415) was a Czech priest, philosopher, and early Christian reformer who died a martyrs death.

Jan Hus at the stake – Jena codex, c. 1500 [Wikimedia Commons]



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