Solomon Sins

1 Kings 10

The Queen of Sheba pays Solomon a visit, presenting him with gold and spices. Notwithstanding the merchant and Arabian tributes, the total annual gold tribute to Solomon amounts to 666 talents. Vessels of gold, an ivory throne, with golden lions astride, ordain his splendour. Exercises are arranged to occur between Solomon’s Tarshish and Hiram’s navy for every three years. Horses are brought up from Egypt to fill the stables and for Solomon’s chariots.

I Kings 11

Solomon sins, his many strange wives diverting his spiritual focus, by setting up idols and shrines to other gods. In anger, God vows an Israelite revolt during his son Rehoboam’s reign. And adversaries are raised up against Solomon, in divine retribution. But one tribe of David is not forsaken — Jeroboam is placed over the house of Joseph, ordained by the prophet Ahijah the Shilonite, to rule over Jerusalem, before Solomon’s 40-year Jerusalem reign over Israel ends.

I Kings 12


Featured Image: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Apollonio di Giovanni ca. 15th century. [Image: As uploaded by User:Shakko, Wikimedia Commons]

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