Energy Security

Energy models are the most expensive, most cumbersome random number generators ever invented. —Philip K. Vergeler, U.S. Treasury, Director of the Office of Energy Policy 1977-1979

Understanding energy is key to understanding cosmology, the earth and its environ, and the struggle of man against the elements. Some background reading will stand one in good stead. A nice place to start might be Energy and Civilisation. That can be followed by Science, energy, ethics, and civilization. And while we are at it, consider also Energy and Human Evolution. Finally, an appreciation of how energy drives modern civilisation is available at Energy, Money and Industrial Civilisation.

A distribution of oil and natural gas origin helps in understanding much regional and global geopolitics. There are six widely recognised key sources of energy modelling and reports (in bold):

And energy, like any other commodity, needs to be moved and stored or stored and moved.


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And of them was the whole earth overspread