Troop Strength

See Global Security:

  1. China: 2.2 million
  2. USA: 1.6 million
  3. India: 1.3 million
  4. DPRK: 1.1 million
  5. Russia: 1 million
  6. ROK: 700,000

An army combines two or more corps and is commanded by a Lieutenant General or higher. There is no net size (number of troops) assigned to any specific element but rather it depends primarily upon the type of unit and mission. Nevertheless, as a rule-of-thumb guide, a small group of (9-10) soldiers organised to manoeuvre and fire is called a squad (or section).

A Company is typically the smallest Army element to be given a designation and affiliation with higher headquarters at battalion and brigade level. This alphanumeric and branch designation causes an “element” to become a “unit”.

  • Company: 62-190 soldiers (3-5 platoons of 16-44 soldiers each) commanded by Captain
  • Battalion: 300-1000 soldiers (4-6 companies) commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
  • Brigade: 3000-5000 soldiers (2-5 battalions) commanded by Colonel
  • Division: 10,000-15,000 soldiers (3 brigade-sized elements) commanded by Major General
  • Corps: 20,000-45,000 soldiers (2-5 divisions) commanded by Lieutenant General



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And of them was the whole earth overspread