Literacy and Exegesis

Biblical Literacy

W. Mark Lanier has a good Bible literacy podcast. When he stays on song, tempering the vaudeville, he is an effective communicator (maybe courtesy of the legal background). He knows his way around the Bible well and can help us navigate our way through also.

A Word on Exegesis

Judeo-Christian levels of scriptural interpretation:

Hebrew fourfold layering of interpretation (PaRDeS) is a Kabbalistic principle, and as such may best be avoided by Christians. It includes Peshat, Remez, Drosh, and Sohd.

In contrast, the Christian levels of interpretation can be divided into Simple, Complex, and Prophetic. See, for instance, the Book of Matthew Study or a pictorial review of the word “was“.


Major christological schisms and related early councils [Image: as per User:Anthony on Stilts, Wikimedia Commons]
Antiochene vs. Alexandrian Christology

Christology of the 5th-7th centuries [Image: as per User:Kathovo, Wikimedia Commons]
Consider the following (visual) interpretations just of Moses, by various artist [all images in the Public Domain]:

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Further Reading:

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