Asshur is the Hebrew word for Assyria, one of the great ancient empires. Every time the words Assyria or Assyrian appear in the Old Testament, they are translated from the word Asshur. He was worshipped by his descendants.  —Harold Hunt and Russell Grigg

Map showing location of Assur and Nineveh in Assyria. [Image by user: Attar-Aram as derived from Near_East_topographic_map-blank.svg: Sémhur, Wikimedia Commons]
Ancient Assyria’s headquarters was Nineveh, present-day Mosul, northern Iraq.

‘Indeed, as long as Assyria lasted, that is until 612 BC, accounts of battles, diplomatic affairs and foreign bulletins were daily read out to his image; and every Assyrian king held that he wore the crown only with the express permission of Asshur’s deified ghost.’

Assyrian Empire. [Image as uploaded by user: Ningyou and derived from a map in ‘Atlas of the Bible Lands’, C S Hammond & Co (1959) is in the Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons]
Some scholars suggest that the Assyrians were forced to migrate north to eventually become what is modern-day GERMANY.

2004 CIA Map of Iraq. [Image as per User:Brian0918, Wikimedia Commons]
Iraq, topographical. [Image as per User:Sadalmelik, Wikimedia Commons]
Iraq, provincial. [Image as per User:NordNordWest, Wikimedia Commons]
Ethnic and religious groups in Iraq: Shia Arabs (pink); Sunni Arabs (green); Kurds (yellow); Assyrians (purple); Yazidis (olive); Iraqi Turkmens (orange). [Image as per User:Kathovo, Wikimedia Commons]
Note: Southern Iraq is descendent from Arphaxad.

  • According to Sarna, the Ashurrim of Genesis 25:3 is not Assyria, but another, much smaller, people with the same name. —Sarna. Genesis (1989)
Featured Image

Three-dimensional projection showing mountainous north-eastern Iraq. [Wikimedia Commons]


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