From The sixteen grandsons of Noah:

Arphaxad was the progenitor of the Chaldeans. This ‘is confirmed by the Hurrian (Nuzi) tablets, which render the name as Arip-hurra—the founder of Chaldea.’  His descendant, Eber, gave his name to the Hebrew people via the line of Eber-Peleg-Reu-Serug-Nahor-Terah-Abram (Gen 11:1626).

Eber’s other son, Joktan, had 13 sons (Gen 10:2630), all of whom appear to have settled in Arabia. Joktan had a son named Sheba (likely modern-day Yemen) and perhaps also Dedan (Saudi Arabia).

The article continues to describe how the genealogy runs from Arphaxad through possibly a post-flood Cainan (to be distinguished from a pre-flood Cainan), a man taught astrology by the Watchers (angels) who went on to be the father of astronomy. This Cainan married Melka, daughter of Madai, who gave birth to the forefather of the Samaritans but also Shelah, father to Eber. Eber had two sons, Peleg and Joktan (Gen 25:3). Peleg gave rise to the Israelites through Abraham (as outlined above). There remains confusion here not only with the existence of a post-deluvial Cainan but also a contradiction with the earlier account in Genesis (10:7) which refers to a Sheba and Dedan as sons of Raamah the son of Cush.

The tribe of Eber make (the Land of) Canaan their home

See the Map of the Middle East at Teaching the Middle East by The Oriental Institute of The University of Chicago.

Image as uploaded by author: Emmanuelm [Wikimedia Commons]


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And of them was the whole earth overspread