No one source will provide all the information on the conflict in Syria. It may be best to look at three short and rather different videos, filed here in chronological order of publication, earliest to latest, and each with their merits:

Syria is the last bone of contention for a Sunni alliance.

Avi Lipkin

Aram is the Hebrew word for Syria. Whenever the word Syria appears in the Old Testament it is a translation of the word Aram. The Syrians call themselves Arameans, and their language is called Aramaic. Before the spread of the Greek Empire, Aramaic was the international language (2 Kings 18:26). On the cross, when Jesus cried out, ‘Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani’ (Mark 15:34), He was speaking Aramaic, the language of the common people.

Harold Hunt with Russell Grigg

Syria: ethno-religious. Author: US government Central Intelligence Agency [Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons]
The Burden of Damascus“, according to Isaiah (17:1, KJV)

Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

Avi Lipkin:

Syria, a Shiite-controlled country, is facing a fanatic Islamic Brotherhood Sunni revolution – a Sunni fanatic (Caliphate) Moslem Brotherhood people against Assad – Arabs and Turks – which will move on Israel and eventually the US.

Syria is Iran’s Shiite ally. Hezbollah (also Shiite) too is Iran’s ally and is approaching total domination of Lebanon.

The US is happy to support the Moslem Brotherhood (which hates Iran) to destabilise an ally of Iran (Syria) which would open the way for the termination of the Hezbollah by the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. Iran would lose two of its tentacles – Syria and Hezbollah.

Iran’s Shiite regime has opposing agendas to the fanatic Sunni Moslem regime — and they have done so for over 1355 years. This is Islamic faction against Islamic faction. Islam might hate the West, but these two factions of Islam also hate each other.

Muhammad had a dream before he died: that Islam was to be divided into two, but that only one camp was going to heaven – so Shiite believe they are not going to heaven unless they kill every last Sunni, and vice-versa.

Syria and Lebanon (as well as Jordan, Israel, Iraq and Kuwait) were once all part of southern Turkey (Ottoman Empire) under the Islamic Caliphate (leader/ruler in place of Muhammad). At the end of WWI the British and French carved Turkey up into what resembles these present-day nations.

The Syrian population is 80% Sunni but is governed by a 10% Alawite Shiite minority with another 10% Christian.

Generally speaking there are 3 types of Shiite:

  1. Fanatic Iranian Shiite
  2. Fanatic Arab Shiite (e.g. Lebanon)
  3. Alawite Shiite (considered heretics by fellow Shiites, but politically and militarily are allied)

Alawites assumed control of Syria 40 years ago, absorbing the 10% Christian support and the Sunni’s were suppressed. Indeed, in 1982 Assad’s father bombed a local village killing 30,000 Muslim Brotherhood Sunnis.

The Muslim Brotherhood have acted as food pigeons for Syria’s Sunni population and have gained their support. (When the Sunni’s assume power they are going to annihilate the Christians and the Shiites and then rather than an ally of Iran Syria will be part of a Sunni Caliphate).

Moscow, Iran’s ally, is backing Assad.

Syria’s Alawite Christian allies will flee.


Syria is ranked 42nd in the world by Global Firepower: “The Syrian Civil War – begun in March of 2011 – still rages in 2015 with many local players now supported by many foreign ones.”

Natural Resources

Syria’s energy sector is in turmoil because of the ongoing civil conflict that began in the spring of 2011, with oil and natural gas production declining dramatically since then.”

More on Syria:

Featured Image: National Flag of the Syrian Arab Republic [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

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