Kittim is a collective name of a people who are spoken of in the Old Phoenician inscriptions as the kt or kty, and who settled on the island of Cyprus. They were to give their name to the ancient Cypriot city of Kition (modern-day Larnaka). The Romans preserved the name when they named the city Citium, and Josephus gave the name as Cethimus. —Bill Cooper

Piri Reis map of Cyprus [Image: as per User:Shuppiluliuma, Wikimedia Commons]

Modern-day Cyprus as part of the European Union

Orthographic projection of Cyprus by author: NuclearVacuum as modified by User: Leftcry [Wikimedia Commons]

Map of Cyprus: Note the U.N. Green partition Zone between Turkish Cyprus and Greek Cyprus, and the two U.K. military bases (shown at slightly higher magnification in the map following). [Image: as per User:Chaosdruid [Wikimedia Commons]

Economic exclusion zones:

  • North Cyprus vs. Turkey

[Image as per User:Alexyflemming, Wikimedia Commons].

  • Cyprus vs. Israel

 See Cyprus gas field to produce 8 bcm a year with pipeline to Egypt


Featured Image: National Flag of the Republic of Cyprus [Wikimedia Commons]


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