Georgian Geopolitics

Georgia is a more or less triangular-shaped nation with arched-base at the Black Sea and apex approaching the Caspian, whose axis of symmetry is more or less wedged between the Greater Caucasus mountain range to the north and the Lesser Caucasus range to the south. The former separate it from the Russian steppe and the latter, west to east, from Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, respectively.

Basic outline of the nation-state of Georgia [Image from the United States CIA’s World Factbook per User:ComtesseDeMingrelie, Wikimedia Commons]
Georgian Topography [Image per User:Giorgi Balakhadze, Wikimedia Commons]
Pontic-Caspian ecosystem [Image per User:Dbachmann, Wikimedia Commons]
Geopolitical Caucasus [Image per User:Jeroen, Wikimedia Commons]
Georgia, Ossetia, Russia and Abkhazia [Image per User:Ssolbergj as modified by User:Ras67, Wikimedia Commons]
According to Global Firepower, which has the Georgian military ranked as the 75th strongest in the world, “the modern Georgian military is primarily arranged for a defensive war and is stocked with both local and foreign goods.”

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Featured Image: National Flag of Georgia [Wikimedia Commons]


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