Dodanim is a collective name of a people descended from Dodan, known to the Greeks as the Dardanians (Dardani) of Asia Minor. They settled initially around the area of Troy whose coastal regions are known to this day as the Dardanelles. The founder was deified by his descendants under the name Jupiter Dodonaeus (a mingling of Japheth and Dodan). The propagators of this cult built the city of Dodona as the chief seat of his worship. Egyptian records refer to the drdny who were allied to the Hittites at the battle of Kadesh. The early Britons were to trace their descent from Dardanus.  —Bill Cooper

Roman province of Dardania. Image author: Cplakidas [Wikimedia Commons]

Featured Image: Roman Balkans, 4th century CE. Public Domain, as uploaded by PANONIAN [Wikimedia Commons]



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