Riphath was Gomer’s second son. And Gomer was the eldest son of Japheth.

The Paphlagonians

Early cosmographers felt that the Riphaean mountains constituted the then northernmost boundary of the earth. Pliny, Melo, and Solinus record the name of Riphath as that of the Riphaci, Riphaces, and Piphlataci who were later known to history as the Paphlagonians, the descent and identification of which is confirmed by Josephus.  —Bill Cooper

Note the localisation of Riphath (modern-day northern Turkey) in the image below:

Map based on geographic localisations of Flavius Josephus (ca. 100 AD) (Japheth in red). By User: RicHard-59 [Wikimedia Commons]
Another understanding traces the lineage further still, in that the Riphaeans were, ultimately, the Celts (Brittons and Gaelic peoples) who originated from the Scythians en-route through the Urals. Their respective nations, according to language variant, would then be:

The Six Celtic Nations [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

As such, these nations militarily fall under the purview of the United Kingdom, ranked 5th most powerful nation in the world, but also France.



Featured Image: Riphath was said by Josephus to have been ancestor of the Paphlagonians [Image: as per User:Cplakidas, Wikimedia Commons]



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