Gap Theory

An attempt to harmonise any apparent earth-age discrepancy between science and scripture led to the so-called Gap or Pre-Adamic Civilisation Theory†. This Gap Theory proposes that the earth was perfect (Genesis 1:1) before the fall of Ha Satan and his angels brought chaos upon the earth—wherein the sons of angels went in unto daughters of men breeding giants (Nephilim). This required—so goes the theorem—of Elohym (G-d) to re-create, or at least restore, an inhabitable earth (Genesis 1:2).

The present earth had to be recreated following the chaos that ensued from the fallen angels.

Images by Clarence Larkin are in the Public Domain

It was this recreation (“restoration”) of the earth that took seven days to complete (Gen 1:3–2:3).

[Image by Clarence Larkin*, from Purified by Faith, as at Aug 1, 2015]
The diagram below depicts this first stage of the earth—”the world that then was”—represented by the left-most larger circle, labelled “Generation”, containing three smaller circles within:

Image by Clarence Larkin*

Only after that came man’s fall, at Eden, Babel, and the post-deluge renewal followed also by gradual apostasy—“Degeneration”. We live at the end of this degeneration phase upon the cusp of a new pre-millennial world, the post-apocalyptic start to the Millennial Reign of Christ—“Regeneration”.


Was there a pre-Adamic race of man?

See The First People and Pre-Adomites and Noah’s three sons.

Then there is the enigmatic Piri Reis, a Turkish map kept in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul dated to 1513. The oldest surviving map to show the Americas it, mysteriously, is said to show detail not available to 16th century Europe.

1513 Piri Reis world map [Image: Wikimedia Commons]



† Remain open to whatsoever Elohym chooses to reveal. Walk the narrow path but keep an open mind, testing every Spirit. A prequel to the Adam and Eve epic, an “old earth” age, cannot be excluded. Because you are Christian is little reason to remain naive to understanding. Quite the opposite, in fact. Remain equally sanguine with any old-earth age as with a traditional young-earth interpretation. Regardless, the comings and goings of an earlier epic (if indeed one did exist and interesting as it is), is not an immediate concern. It is what it was.

That Elohym created man is self-evident, self-referential. Man creates nothing without inspiration from Elohym. Eloheinu is Spirit and is to be worshiped as such. There are good and bad spirits out there — period. Test each one.

The embodiment of the Spirit of the Father, Yahuwah (YHWH), is HIS Son, OUR Messiah, Yahuwshuwa (Prince of Peace, King of Kings). Salvation is a gift: from the former, accessible after spiritual rebirth and inner turning toward the latter. Jesus, the name above all names.

It’s not rocket science, it’s faith. Let go of your attitude and go with it. It’s pretty awesome, actually. Give it a go.

* Images by Clarence Larkin are in the Public Domain



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