Prior Conflict

Prevailing Rule in the Middle East through time (see Maps of War), inclusive of four Beast kingdoms (see Daniel 7)

ca. 1450 BCE: The Kingdom of Egypt

ca. 1340 BCE: Hittite Empire

ca. 1050 BCE: Kingdom of Israel

ca. 721 BCE: Assyrian Empire

ca. 600 BCE: BABYLONIAN Empire

ca. 550 BCE: MEDO-PERSIAN Empire

ca. 336 BCE: MACEDONIAN (GREEK) Empire

ca. 44 BCE: ROMAN Empire

ca. 565 CE: Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire

ca. 610 AD: Sassanid Empire — the last pre-Islamic Persian empire

ca. 750 CE: The Caliphate

ca. 1100 CE: The Seljuk (Turkish) Empire, centred in Babylon

ca. 1140: The Crusader Kingdoms

ca. 1187 CE: Saladin’s Empire

ca. 1279 CE: Mongol Empire

ca. 1700 CE: Ottoman Empire

ca. 1912 CE: European Colonialism

1920: Era of Independence (nation-states and borders established)

Note the relative infancy of the nation-states of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Nine largest wars by death toll (Wikipedia)

Deaths(millions) Date War
60.7–84.6 1939–45 World War II
60 13th century Mongol Conquests
40 1850–64 Taiping Rebellion (see Dungan revolt)
39 1914–18 World War I
36 755–763 An Shi Rebellion
20 1937–45 Second Sino-Japanese War
20 1370–1405 Conquests of Tamerlane
16 1862–77 Dungan revolt
5–9 1917–22 Russian Civil War and Foreign Intervention

Featured Image: The Battle of Lepanto from 7 October 1571, a naval engagement between allied Christian forces and the Ottoman Turks. [Wikimedia Commons]


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