A Conspiracy All My Own

It is too often too difficult to differentiate cause and effect, and this lack of distinction complicates any labelling of circumstance. Sometimes the cards are stacked the way they are because the way they are is how they’ve been stacked.

We are not all sceptical: curious maybe, but not all conspiracy buffs. For many [author included], the Bible is reference and starting point. Scripture trumps, time and again. To consider scripture metaphor only [for those who have not yet felt the real power of God], it is but metaphor full of truism and prophesy. That is not easy to reconcile.

Biblical perspective is counter-intuitive, an exposé not self-evident to the worldly brow. [Ever more a cause to sustain in the Word of God.] And, we are too quick to infer cause-and-effect to plain narration: expounding upon the proverbial card stack and how it will (subsequently) fall. Sycophants of the post-modern scientific imperative—to search out (and to know) all—may erroneously attribute causation where none is due. Predestination critique notwithstanding, circumstance may be the way it is just because it is that way. (Or is this the shortcoming of our faith?).

The point here—and it aught be made—is that opponents to prophesy (and scripture in general) retort without thought with “conspiracy theory”— and mostly at the moment the proponent is elaborating upon events within which lie no conspiracy at all. Still, opponents dismiss events—rather than peering into their hidden machinations—that may otherwise be plausible, perhaps even probable. The ‘conspiracy’ tag may taint an important revelation, or hinder the processing of an important message, such as the glimpse into man’s destiny, or a clear and clinical look into man’s past, without of necessity attributing causality. To regurgitate “conspiracy theory” is to abort dialogue and halt discourse, cutting off thought (both theirs and yours) prematurely.

Rather, a suspension of judgement is what may be needed here: the ridiculous suspect may be ignorant to the consequence of their action, which they may well have not acted out otherwise. Here they may be well-meaning actors naïve to their own ultimate purpose, bit-players misled by the unscrupulous father of lies. Although not one to justify their role or their action, I am wanting to acknowledge their, hitherto, moral obliviousness. Wrong is still—and will always be—wrong. Ignorance can be no defense.

Consider the Antichrist of the Apocalypse. Is it not possible, at the very outset at least, for this individual to be unaware of the evil force driving them — unaware up to some point, before which it becomes clear (to themselves) that they are acting incongruent with God’s Law but rather manifesting an outright rejection of it. Yes, they are evil: but, up until that point, evil through naivety. Could this evil be (again) how the cards are stacked, and the Antichrist can’t see the cards from the stack? Is he not, at this point, still a personally unacknowledged evil, with time still to turn from his ways?

But if beyond this point of self-realisation, when his own iniquities become clear even to himself, he carries on regardless (or reaches the point of no return), then all bets are off. And are we to know when he may have reached that point, or is that the purview of God alone?

The purpose here is to argue that circumstance is often the way it is—good or bad, but nonetheless just as it is—without any conspiracy or prior contrivance whatsoever. And all along, the outside world looks in convinced the players have so obviously conspired. And the argument is this: not all conspiracy theories are anatomically preposterous, but rather are circumstances which evolved to the outward appearance of conspiracy and where, in the strictest sense of the word, there be no conspiracy in their physiology—circumstances wherein lies no pathology, but fate and chance.

Nevertheless, perhaps regardless, circumstances are what they are in any existential sense. And we potentially throw out baby, bathwater, and all with the hue and cry of “conspiracy theory”. Yet the anatomy is true, even if the physiology suspect. Suspend judgement and ignore physiology. Instead, for now, be content to palpate for anatomy.

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