Tyler Hamilton on U.S. Postal

A great article at BBC News regarding Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service cycling team.


How to Beat the Tour

Excerpt of instant message (Attachment J – to the affidavit of Frankie Andreu) between Frankie and Jonathan the morning of 26 July 2005:

Cyclevaughters: so, that’s when you start thinking… hell, kevin was telling me
that after 2000 Ullrich never raced over 42%— yeah moreau in 2000-2001
Cyclevaughters: anyhow – whtever
FDREU: After 1999, you know many things changed. lance did not
FDREU: I believe that’s part of whey kevin left, he was tired of the stuff
Cyclevaughters: funniest thing i ever heard – Johan and Lance dumped Floyd’s rest
day blood refill down the toilet in front of him in last yrs tour to make him ride
FDREU: holy shit, I never heard that. that’s crazy!!!
Cyclevaughters: that’s from floyd
Cyclevaughters: he rode this year with no extra blood
FDREU: I never knew
FDREU: he did great also
Cyclevaughters: yeah, i could explain the whole way lance dupes everyone
FDREU: what abut GH climbing the mountains better than azevedo and the entire group
Cyclevaughters: from how floyd described it, i know exactly the methos
FDREU: explain that, classics to climber
FDREU: when did you talk with floyd
Cyclevaughters: i don’t know – i want to trust George
Cyclevaughters: but the thing is on that team, you think it’s normal
Cyclevaughters: or at least i did
FDREU: i guess. anything with blodd is not normal
Cyclevaughters: yeah, it’s very complex how the avoid all the controls now, but
it’s not any new drug or anything, just the resources and planning to pull of a well
Page 1vaughters[1]
devised plan
Cyclevaughters: it’s why they all got dropped on stage 9 – no refill yet – then on
the rest day – boom 800ml of packed cells
FDREU: they have it mastered. good point
Cyclevaughters: they draw the blood right after the dauphine
FDREU: how do they sneak it in, or keep it until needed
FDREU: i’m sure it’s not with the truck in the frig
Cyclevaughters: motorcycle – refridgerated panniers
Cyclevaughters: on the rest day
Cyclevaughters: floyd has a photo of the thing
FDREU: crazy! it’ just keep going to new levels
Cyclevaughters: yeah, it’s complicated, but with enough money you can do it

See the full report here: USADA Report